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Hi, I’m Denise! I am a blogger at my site, Many Facets Of Life!   I created this blog as I wanted to share the different facets of life that affect all of us during our lifetime. 

I will share my own experiences, plus helpful information on Career, Relationships, Life In The Military, Baby Boomers/Retirement, Addictions, Recreation/Sports, Dealing With Emotions, Life And Way To Deal With It, Spiritual Self, Personal Development, Finances, Health And Fitness, Animals As Part Of The Family and More…. 

How different facets in life can change us from who we are now to who we can be in the future.  I look forward to interaction on my blog, and sharing stories and personal experiences!I retired from my real estate business of 15 years to become a full-time blogger. 

I had always been healthy when I was young and became an exercise fanatic.  About 6 years ago at the end of my menopause cycle, I gained about 28 lbs., had hypertension, developed osteoporosis, had IBS symptoms, and plaque build-up on my carotid arteries. 

My doctor told me I would have to get on medication if things didn’t change, so I became a vegetarian and started daily exercise again.  Within several months I had lost all the weight I gained and within a year the plaque was gone. 

My dad passed away at 64 from this.  Healthy eating and exercise became a priority for me on a daily basis.  To know more on my journey to better health is in this post I wrote:  Why I Became A Vegetarian In My 60’s, and that is why I created the FREE nutrition course.  Click below:

Lean How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

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