Awards And Recognitions

Nominated For The Sunshine Bloggers Award In July 2019 and within a few months I was nominated again. I feel so blessed to even be considered for these awards!
Here is the URL of the blog I created when nominated

I WON a blog contest for the most popular post we have had so far. This was one of the first posts I wrote in the middle of June, on family addiction. Here is the URL: There were about 54 bloggers who entered, and the bloggers in the contest did the voting. Whoever had the most votes won.

I was interviewed by a fellow blogger, Jerry Godinho on my story of Being Co-Dependent, that was published on his blog and Twitter.

In February 2020 I was nominated twice for the Mystery Blogger Award, by two outstanding bloggers. At the same time, I was also nominated for The Versatile Award. I feel so blessed again to receive the nominations.

Photo and logo created by Okoto Enigma – blogger
Here is the blog URL

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