Is it Nature Or Nurture?

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The nature vs. nurture debate involves the extent to which particular aspects of how we react and behave are a product of what we inherit or are influenced by what we learn through life. 

Nature is believed by some that our behavior is what we inherit, and nurture is from the influence of external factors after birth, life experiences we encounter,  and learning from other individuals.  The debate is how much is genetic and how much is learned in creating all our behavioral traits? 

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For years, it has been known that the color of our eyes, the color, and the texture of our hair, skin color, and certain diseases are genetically passed down, but there is still the debate on what determines our behavioral and personality attributes.  Are we pre-wired before birth or do we learn from others as we grow up?  

Nature or Nurture? – Photo By Alexander Dummer – Unsplash

I lean more towards the nature side and will give an example.  Studies have been done on twins who were separated at birth and were raised by different families. 

They reunited years later, and of course, looked the same, but also had the exact same interests and habits, married similar men, wore their hair the same, and liked the same style of clothes.   They lived in two different family settings, and still had similar behaviors.  How does nurture fit into that scenario? 

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I believe we all come from a unique genetic code, and we pick up different genetics from each parent.  You even hear how certain characteristics come from Grandparents or Great Grandparents. 

I had my DNA done through Ancestry, and something new I discovered is that each child picks up different DNA from the parents, so when you do a DNA test you will see different results.  That is why they say to have everyone tested as every family gets a unique mix and different amounts from various ancestors.

So the closer you can get to a DNA source, and the more sources you can identify, the more you can learn about your family and watch your family tree continue to grow.  

Talent and intelligence can also be inherited supposedly.  You will see kids follow in their parent’s footsteps, such as singing, painting, being an athlete, etc., or is it because the parent wanted them to carry on what they excelled in, and exposed them from a young age to learn their craft?


The assumption is that at birth the human mind is blank and then through learning and experience we develop behavior.  That what we learn from infancy and childhood will emerge into behavioral differences.  Freud thought that parenting is important in child development and family as the nurture side of it. 

Nature or Nurture? – Photo By Danielle Macinnes – Unsplash

Closing thoughts

Nature vs Nurture – How It Is Seen Today 

Now since so many studies have been done, the question is not nature vs. nurture, but “how much”?  It is now agreed that both influence what we become. 

They also discovered that people who live in poverty versus being middle-class or rich, that tests for the poor showed lower scores, due to the fact they did not have the same opportunities or resources, as did the upper-class group in society. 

It was not due to a lack of intelligence.  The debate has become politically motivated.  On the debate, they now say “how do they interact”, as there are facts to justify both sides.  What do you think?

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Posts may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases and collect a small commission at no cost to you. This helps my blog to keep going. Thank you! For more info, read my disclosure policy.

6 thoughts on “Is it Nature Or Nurture?

  1. As an adopted child, I have spent time considering this very topic. The older I get the more I lean toward nature being the dominant factor in who I am. How I see the world, and think about things, much of that has to do with nurture. But how I react and my abilities that’s all nature.

  2. Thank you for your comment Maria, I appreciate your feedback! I am with you, nature has more to do with who we are. It always makes an interesting debate topic!

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