How Do We Truly See Our Physical Self?

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Discovering Our Physical Self

Our physical body is an important part of the self, the mind is the intellectual and conscious side, and the spirit is the emotional and intuitive side. The mind is what directs the two other sides.

Taking care of ourselves is important for our physical and mental health, and maintaining a healthy relationship with ourselves. This can produce positive feelings, to improve our confidence and self-esteem.

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We see ourselves as a physical body and an individual, but the self-image includes images and feelings and also involves how we feel about abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Do we know who we are as a person? How do we compare to others? Do we recognize what makes us different from other people? You need to understand what motives are when you react to situations in a negative way.

Self-Concept and Examples

Self-Concept – What goes into a person’s self-concept? Here are some examples:

Physical Self

Cindy is active and exercises, and it can determine if she sees herself as fit and strong. Then we have Mary is overweight, does little to no activity, and could see herself in a reverse way, overweight and out of shape.

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One is a healthy self-image, and the other is an unhealthy self-image. Who do you think is going to have confidence and better self-esteem?

Physical Self By FORM

Social Self

Mary has few friends but is very close to them. Cindy has lots of friends, and surrounded by people all the time, and likes to be part of the party crowd.

Mary is more comfortable with a quiet lifestyle, and Cindy likes to be where all the action is.

Social Self By Elevate

Competent Self

Cindy works hard at a job, that provides for your basic needs. Mary takes care of her husband and kids, cooks, and cleans the house, as a stay-at-home mom.

She is providing for her needs and the needs of her family. Two different situations, but both are competent in providing basic needs.

Competent Self By Kelly Sikkema

Closing thoughts

Our true value is more about how we feel about ourselves than how others see us or speak of us. When we have joyous moments, that is what helps unlock our value to the world.

We are all human and should be honest about how we assess ourselves. The strengths we have, build our self-confidence and help us move forward.

Start building your self-worth and understand that true self-worth includes the good and bad along the way, forgive yourself for things done in the past, and learn to accept yourself unconditionally.

How do you see yourself?

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