4th Of July Safety And Activities

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We all look forward to celebrating the 4th of July every year, but we also have to be smart in order to keep everyone safe. When my kids were growing up we would go to the park to picnic and celebrate with friends. Sparklers were popular back then, and my younger son was wearing sandals and holding a sparkler where a spark fell on his foot and gave him a small burn! Beware of these legal fireworks, as they call them “Safe and Sane”, but you still have to be careful with them around small children, it is illegal for anyone under 18 to use them.

Now that we are older, we enjoy watching the Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular on TV where they go over the water! So pretty to watch! Our dog Lexi gets so anxious during this time of year and paces back and forth through the house pees on the floor when we don’t see her doing it, and tries to hide in our bedroom. We have tried all the remedies they recommend, but so far nothing has worked. In our neighborhood, they start with the illegal fireworks, at all times during the week and night. This year my husband said they encourage people to call 311 when then hear illegal ones or if you know exactly where they are coming from report the address or area, and they have groups going around to stop what they can!

Here are the safety basics when using “Safe and Sane” fireworks:

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  • Illegal for anyone under 18 to use
  • Do not use fireworks near dry grass or combustibles
  • Do not use fireworks under a tree or bushes, covered balcony, or covered patio
  • Never attempt to re-light or fix fireworks
  • Light fireworks from the ground
  • Always place the used fireworks in a bucket filled with water, and be sure to drain the water before throwing in the trash
  • Have a garden hose ready


  • Keep your pets inside, as they get scared and can escape from your yard, and they are in danger of getting hit lost and/or hit by a vehicle.
  • Make sure they are microchipped, in case they get out. Many are picked up by shelters.
  • Try and find a remedy that will help your pets deal with the noise. They have vests, sedatives and in some cases, TV or music helps.


  • If you are on the river, do not drink alcohol.
  • Have sunscreen with at least SPF30 and apply often.
  • Supervise your kids closely.
  • Have plenty of preservers for everyone in your group.
  • Do not drive a boat if you are drinking.
  • Clean up your garbage before you leave.


  • If you are at the park having a picnic, do not leave food out in the heat for too long (especially food made with mayonnaise).
  • Be sure not to cross-contaminate other food with raw meat, be sure to wash thoroughly any surface, pan or plate that also comes in contact with the meat.
  • Be sure and cook the meat thoroughly and at the right temperature, especially chicken and pork.

Report fires to 911. Report the use of illegal fireworks in Sacramento County:  Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District 916-859-3775; or, city of Sacramento Fire Department 916-264-5471, or outside of city limits, report to Sacramento Sheriff’s Department 916-874-5115. You can also call 311 to report illegal fireworks.

With this reminder, I hope all of you and your family or friends have a safe, and Happy 4th!

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3 thoughts on “4th Of July Safety And Activities

  1. These are great tips!! I think that sometimes people get so caught up in celebrating and having fun that they forget to be safe. Thanks for the safety reminders.

    1. Thank you Sarah! I agree we found that out with all the illegal fireworks going off in our neighborhood. I believe in having fun, but have respect for your neighbors and the safety of all around you!

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