How To Create Positive Habits That Will Stick With You

How To Create Positive Habits That Will Stick With You

We all have busy lives where we get overwhelmed and stressed out.  I have found if you have a plan on how to create positive habits, it will make your life easier and will help keep you focused and more organized. 

Change old habits to new habits – Photo by Canva

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From working to retirement

When I was working I would get up and leave for work at the same time, and pretty much have the same routine at work.  I would do grocery shopping and errands after work, but it was not a daily habit. 

Once I arrived home it was time to cook dinner, do the dishes, and prepare for the next day, as far as having something to wear and making a lunch to take to work.

I retired 2 1/2 years ago, and also retired from my real estate business about 1 1/ 2 years ago.  I had taken a course on becoming a blogger, as that was something I always wanted to do and felt it was my calling.  I do this full-time now.  

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to live off your social security and if you don’t have lots of money accumulated in your 401K, you will need to find other ways to supplement your income.

I found a part-time position scheduling appts for Realtors to do marketing demos to acquire leads to help their business grow.  I do this for about 3 hours a day M-F and 1 hr on Sunday.  This helps me cover my bills.

I no longer have the stress of working a regular job, but I do have to manage my time in order to stay focused in being productive.  My kids are grown so I can just focus on what I need to get done.  I admire all you moms who have young children and all you have to do daily to keep the family unit working in an organized fashion. 

I look back now and wonder how as a single mom for several years, I was able to work and keep up with my kid’s homework and activities.  As moms, we just do it for their success and to build self-esteem and confidence in them while growing up.

What is a positive habit? 

Give yourself some fresh positive habits – Photo by Canva

Habit in the Webster dictionary is defined in two ways 1. a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior  2. an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly completely involuntary.  

A positive habit is simply a habit that produces positive benefits, actions, and attitudes you want to acquire and make a part of your life.

Make small changes first and be consistent

This isn’t going to be easy, but aim for small changes first, and start by breaking one bad habit, and once you feel you have broken that habit start building a positive habit.  Consistency is the key, so try to get motivated and change a bad habit to something you really enjoy as a positive habit. 

Keep doing this until you have gotten rid of your bad habits and replaced them with positive habits you enjoy.

There are different opinions on how long it takes to break or create a habit. It isn’t overnight and we are all different in how we deal with certain activities, so the main thing is doing it, and if you slide back get the motivation you need to try again and not give up.  

Get comfortable with your new positive habits and do them daily

Once you feel you are comfortable with your new positive habits just remember to practice them daily. 

Here are some positive habits that have been helpful for me over the years.  You will see that most of them are done on a daily basis to help in having success in these becoming positive habits.

15 Positive Habits

15 Daily Positive Habits – Photo by Canva

Wake up with a positive mindset

Wake up daily with a positive attitude, no matter what life throws at you that day.  Smile at everyone you see and be kind to everyone.

You will be amazed how these two things can make someone’s day. This will also help you stay focused in attaining goals.

Stay calm and don’t take life too seriously

If something goes wrong or obstacles arise during the day, don’t get frustrated or angry. Instead, do deep breathing exercises throughout the day and find time to meditate daily.

Let go of bad feelings and move forward. It is good for you mentally as well as physically. See the positives in people!

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Eat healthy food and snacks

After menopause, I gained weight and was having IBS-like symptoms, had no energy, and just wasn’t feeling healthy.  I decided to become a vegetarian, and it changed my life on how I felt and looked.  I was also able to reverse several health issues in a short amount of time by eating better and exercising regularly.

You need to be disciplined and create a habit of eating healthily and when you go grocery shopping, make sure you choose and buy the healthiest choice.

There are plenty of healthy snacks out there, and all you would need to do is buy and put in baggies the snacks you want to eat for the week. This way you have quick access to healthy snacks anytime during the day, or when you leave the house. Just put some snacks in your purse or backpack.

When you are healthy it gives you the energy you need to be your best during the day and allows you to think more clearly when making decisions.

Exercise daily

I prefer early morning to walk and do other forms of exercise, such as yoga, to start my day with energy, focus, and a clear mind.  It is amazing how productive you can be.

Find the right exercise regimen with what you enjoy and look forward to. If you do this you will be more likely to stick with it. Pick the right time of day that works for you.

Invite a family member or friend to go with you. This will help you to be accountable in an exercise routine. It is also a great way to socialize.

In general, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day.

Do self-care daily to take care of yourself physically and for your mental health

Take care of yourself physically and for your mental health – Photo by Canva

If you take care of yourself, you will be a better partner and parent.  It makes it easier to find a solution for an obstacle or hardship that arises.

Through the pandemic, mental health problems became worse and we were made more aware of how bad it is. It can be so devasting for families and for individuals on how to deal with life.

Try to find the help that you might need to get over the anxiety and depression that could develop.

Here is a link to SAMHSA’s National Helpline.

Read God’s Word in the Bible daily

Take time to read and talk to God each day, early if possible.  You will start your day with positive thoughts.  Read a chapter a day and also log in to a journal with your favorite verses. 

Your questions can be answered if you read the Bible and he will guide you to know what doors he wants you to open.  You just need to listen daily!

Be thankful and show gratitude

Be thankful and show gratitude – Photo by Canva

We all have so much we can be thankful for and first off, thank God for what He blesses us with, and then thank people and family who have been there to support you through hard times.  

There are so many ways to be grateful and show how thankful we are. Be sure and share kindness with others. A smile can go a long way and make someone’s day!

Pay attention to your finances

Be smart early in life with your finances. Start a 401K and do not touch it until you retire, no matter how tempting it can be to make a withdrawal.

You can reduce stress in your life financially if you follow some simple strategies in paying off debt and find ways to save money. This is a positive approach to retirement and having a good life, instead of struggling to make a living in your twilight years.

We did this when we would buy homes and need down payment money. Now that I am retired and I did not have the nest egg I wanted, I am finding it is not easy to go from a good salary to a lot less to live on, and the bills stayed the same.

I eventually had to get a part-time job to work remotely from home, in order to cover the difference that was lost. During the pandemic, it was a hard time and created anxiety I had never felt before.

Here is a link on Steps To Set Successful Goals In 2021, to see my tips on how to manage your finances and ways to pay off debt.

Get organized

Go through your piles and recycle or shred paperwork, set up files for current paperwork in a file cabinet or tub, clean out your garage and donate items and have your neighborhood clean-up, pick up items that need to go to be destroyed or sent to the dump. 

Have everything put in places you will remember in an organized fashion.  When the mail comes sort what goes to recycle, shred, or file at that time.  This will save you time when you need to find something quickly.

Clean and pick up your house daily and weekly when cleaning the bathrooms

This will give you time to enjoy life and not have to worry when you will clean the house.  Many times when you feel overwhelmed you will put it off, that is why doing things daily will give you time for yourself and your family.

Get plenty of sleep

They say you should get 8 hrs, but I am fine with 5 or 6.  Lack of sleep can cause drowsiness in the early afternoon and productivity could slow down.  I am a morning person with more energy, and I  like to do as much as I can in my most productive time.

Follow your passion

If you love doing something, it makes it easier to create a positive habit.  Do you love painting, dancing, cooking, decorating, making blankets and quilts, becoming a blogger, photography, and so many more?  Pick one or two that you know you will stick with, and make it a habit. Do this slowly before you move on to more new habits.

Be around people who make you laugh and feel good about yourself

Surround yourself with family and friends you have fun with and make you laugh – Photo by Canva

Surround yourself with family and friends you have fun with and make you laugh. Be in a comfortable environment where you feel relaxed and able to be yourself without criticism.

We are social beings who live healthier and happier lives when we socialize and keep ourselves busy helping others, and show kindness.

Appreciate the small things

Enjoy the small things in life and don’t have high expectations of everything.  Feel blessed with what you are given and accept that as something wonderful. 

Do more than is expected but don’t expect perfection in what you do or in what other people do.  No one is perfect and we don’t want them to have the pressure of trying to be perfect. 

Appreciate the effort and time they are spending with you.  Always have positive thoughts.

Time management

This is the other habit that keeps me focused on what I need to get done.  I like time blocking daily, which is the practice of planning out your day in advance with specific time “blocks” for your important tasks and responsibilities.

You can time block in the hours and prioritize the most important down to the least important. This will keep you focused.  Make sure the list includes family time and meal planning.  

Creating positive habits that will stick with you – Photo by Canva

“Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.” ―Sean Covey

Closing Thoughts

My main point is that if you have a positive mindset every day, you will see the negatives as something you can tackle and turn into a positive. Nothing in life is easy, but when you find positive solutions, people are happier and don’t feel the need to stress and worry and dwell on obstacles.

Life will always have challenges but it is your attitude and how you approach things that can make a difference.

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Posts may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases and collect a small commission at no cost to you. This helps my blog to keep going. Thank you! For more info, read my disclosure policy.

12 thoughts on “How To Create Positive Habits That Will Stick With You

  1. I’ve been creating a morning routine with positive habits (meditation, affirmations, exercise), and I can tell a huge difference in my day.

    1. Thank you, Kelly, for your comment! Bad habits can be hard to break, but once you are consistent with good habits, they can have a positive outcome. Those are great positive habits you have created for a morning routine!

  2. I really appreciate this post. Everyday moments like these make a difference in our lives. Even if we are not implementing each, we can definitely begin to do so with each day. I have found putting God first and remaining grateful really make a difference when starting your day. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post.

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

    1. Thank you, Pastor Natalie, for your wonderful comment! I am so glad you appreciate this post. I agree we all need to put God first and always be grateful when starting each day!

    1. Thank you, Christine, for your comment! Yes, it does take consistency and focusing on making changes towards positive habits.

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