Amazon Prime Day Event And “Happy School Year”

This year Amazon’s Prime Day Event runs 2 days, July 15th and 16th! Amazon recently launched a “Happy School Year” store for parents, students and teachers to find the essentials needed for school all in one place! In the event last year, MILLIONS of pencils and pens were sold.

I created this Amazon Hub for you to be able to shop in one place! Please spread the word and reminder of Amazon Prime Day and their new store “Happy School Year”. Here is the URL to use and share with other people looking to shop this amazing day!

If you are not a Prime member sign up for a 30-Day Free trial period before you have to pay the yearly fee.

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Click on any of the ads to see Prime Day pricing. At the top, you will see a dropdown search bar, type All Departments – type in Happy School Year, and you will see all the categories of what you can shop for, kid’s clothing, school supplies, etc., or you might see an All School Essentials School Year banner and click on that, if it is there. You can get there either way! In the top-right corner you will see Prime Day and the dates, click on that and you will see all the deals for Prime! In the dropdown I mentioned above you can type in whatever you are looking for! There you go, Prime Day made simple. Have a fun shopping day! I will post deals on a regular basis to make shopping easy!

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