How To Attain Your Purpose In Life Through Personal Development

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Many of us go through life not knowing who we are and what we want.

We sometimes take the negative occurrences that happen to us along the way that make us feel less confident in what we are pursuing and lose motivation on the journey to success and fulfillment in life.

It begins with self-awareness

Begins With Self-Awareness, Know Your Values And Beliefs By johnhain Pixabay

Know what your values and beliefs are, and what your purpose in life you want to pursue. For true happiness, you need to follow a path based on who you are, and not someone else’s dreams and goals. By chasing your own, you will get much more satisfaction through life.

What you want from life is delivered in the form of feelings

Change What Would Make You Happy In Life Photo By Zipnon Pixabay

Messages about what you want from life are delivered in the form of feelings. You need to question something if you feel bad about it, and change it to how would I like it to be?

It is a process of learning about developing self-improvement. If you aren’t comfortable with how something is, see how you might feel if the opposite was done and if the change would make you happy with life.

Just because something bad happens, doesn’t mean we have to remain in a rut. Be aware, and take a course of action to help improve your life.

You need a sense of direction

Set Priorities Toward Objectives Worth Your Time Photo By Hello I’m Nik GB Unsplash

Set your priorities toward objectives that are worth your time. Decrease your workload to improve your key to success. Focus on what will get you there, quality is better than quantity.

Now you need clarity

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Be More Committed And Focused On What You Should Be Doing Photo By geralt Pixabay

One of the biggest obstacles to stay focused is a distraction. Be more committed and focused on the activities you should be doing.

Know and play to your strengths. Personal development is a continuous journey, making it easier to do the activities you need to do. You don’t need to be perfect, as you are constantly improving.

Motivation is next

Stay Motivated And Don’t Stop Dreaming!

Motivation is next, and one of the biggest obstacles to motivation is the goal might be bigger than you thought. You feel overwhelmed and that you can’t achieve it, and are no longer motivated.

It is a process and you just need to be motivated to take the next action or step. Each action takes you closer to your end goal.

This part I can really relate to, as there are times you try to do too many things at once, thinking things will happen quicker, but instead you are so overwhelmed, and nothing seems to be happening, and then you become discouraged, and it is hard to stay motivated at that point.

Figure out a plan of action that will take you in a positive direction

Figure Out a
Figure Out A Plan Of Action That Will Take You In A Positive Direction Photo By ShonEjai Pixabay

Now we have resilience which is learning to deal with tough times as they occur. We are all human and make mistakes in life, and bad things can happen that are out of our control.

We can all change our circumstances or at least the attitude towards a bad experience. Stay calm and take a deep breath, and be in control of whatever crashes down on you!

Figure out a plan of action that will take you in a positive direction in resolving or minimizing your situation. Not easy at times, right, but it can be done!

Fulfilling relationships

Find People Who Have a Positive Impact On Your Life Photo By By johnhain Pixabay

Relationships can be good or they can be toxic. Find the ones that have the most positive impact on your life.

Pick friends who help you to be a better person and the person you want to be. Be friendly with everyone, but friendship should be given more thought and value.

True friendship is making time for them, and go above and beyond in the relationship. You care for your well-being, as they are important to you.

Many times we work too hard on the wrong people as friends, and not enough on who we should be giving time to. Have friendships that are mutually beneficial, where both of you bring out the best in each other, and your life will benefit from this.

In closing

YOU Are Your Greatest Resource Photo By Jen Theodore Unsplash

YOU are your greatest resource! With time and effort, the rewards will be amazing. The key to success is managing yourself in different situations and all this achieved through personal development.

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“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”

Andrew Carnegie

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Posts may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases and collect a small commission at no cost to you. This helps my blog to keep going. Thank you! For more info, read my disclosure policy.

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10 thoughts on “How To Attain Your Purpose In Life Through Personal Development

  1. I love this article. The one thing that i can attain my personal growth and development to is my daily practice of Transcendental Meditation. It has had the most positive impact on my life.

  2. Thank you Eric for the positive feedback! I find it makes blogging easier when you can add your personal experiences in with the facts. I know we all have to find what has the most positive affect on our daily lives! I love yoga and trying meditation too!

  3. I love this article, and I enjoyed reading this. It is funny how I am writing about this award and fun facts! While I wrote it, it reminds me of how blessed I am to have friends who are willing to share their talent. Yes, friendship is a give and take. We don’t do judgment; instead, we help each other up!

    1. Thank you April, I always appreciate your feedback! I agree with you on how you see friendship. It is give and take and support, which you have always done. I cherish the friendship we have developed in the blogging world!

  4. Such a great article and full of inspiration to find your calling in life. It’s really made me think about what I want my life to be like and where I see myself in a year and even five years down the line. Thank you x

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